I’m back!

July was insane. ISR lessons for the kid, business planning and prepping to open a gym for the adults, and lots of family and friends get togethers. I’m back though and what better way to make up for my absence than with a GREAT easy paleo recipe for Honey lime sesame chicken with a warm Asian slaw!


I came up with this in the moment so I really didn’t measure anything just mixed and tasted until it was good.

3/4 head of cabbage sliced thin
3-4 carrots grated
1 1/2 Tbls sesame seeds
Sauté in skillet with sesame oil and a little bacon fat (can leave out the bacon fat)
Add salt and sprinkle in sesame seeds and toss/stirring often (I over cooked mine a bit I wanted my cabbage to stay a little brighter but it was still crunchy) I’d say 5-10 mins. Add dressing and stir and toss to warm dressing.
2 heaping scoops of almond butter
1-2 Tbls of sesame oil
1-2 Tbls of apple cider vinegar
1-2 Tbls of fresh lime juice
1-2 table spoons of sesame seeds
Whisk everything in a bowl taste it before you pour over slaw. Adjust flavors as needed.
Serve warm or cold.

Package of chicken thighs (skin on)
Salt and pepper
Sesame oil
Honey (local raw is best)
Preheat oven to 375
Season both sides of chicken thighs with salt and pepper
Heat oven safe skillet on stove top burner and add 1-2 Tbls of oil to pan (enough to coat and then a little more).
Once oil is hot place chicken thighs skin side down in oil. Fry 5-8 mins in the oil. Once you have a great brown color on the skin and it’s crisping up flip over to skin side up. Fry another 5-8 mins.
Drizzle each thigh with a little honey and put the skillet in the over to finish off cooking for about 20-25 mins.
Once out of the oven drizzle a little more honey and squeeze some fresh lime juice on top.


Accept what is about to happen!

The first two weeks of the reset are hard. Some people, if not most, start to feel worse before they feel better. I know for me, that is true. By week two, your energy level seems low, you are missing the foods that once brought you comfort and that you truly enjoyed eating. To get through the first two weeks you need to KNOW and ACCEPT that this won’t be easy!

If you know and accept that you will probably feel worse before you feel better than it’s a step in the right direction to success. You are essentially detoxing for those first 14 days and by week three you will feel like a new person. Focus on day 15. I’m not saying that on day 15 you will wake up and feel better and it will be easy. I’m saying at day 15 you will have made it over the hump.

The cravings are less, your energy level picks up, and you will find your overall mood is pretty darn positive. Focus on the outcome/end result to help get you through the first two weeks. Once you hit the third and fourth week you will notice how different your body feels. Hopefully you will come to understand that it’s not normal to have headaches everyday, chronic pain in various places of the body, swelling, and skin issues. If any of that sounds like you right now then maybe you should consider cutting the crap for 30 days.

Spaghetti and Meatballs and a Salad for dinner tonight. Recipe below.


This is started in the morning.
* 1 large can of whole tomatoes
* 1 large can of diced tomatoes
1 small can of tomato paste
Read the labels. Make sure there is no sugar added. You want plain ole tomatoes.
* 2 garlic cloves whole
* 1/2 of the 3 minced sweet peppers (see recipe for meatballs)
* Oregano
* Parsley
* S & P

Place everything but the tomato paste in a large sauce pot. Stir and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer on low for several hours, stirring occasionally. Add tomato paste. Use an immersion blender to blend everything together. Taste and adjust seasoning as you see fit.

* 2 lbs of ground meat
* 3 small sweet peppers minced divided in half (I use a red, yellow, and orange)
* 1 1/2 garlic cloves minced
* Parsley
* Oregano
* S & P
* 1 tsp ground mustard or more if you like
* 1 egg
* 1/2 – 1 tsp of coconut flour or almond flour

1. Everything goes in one big bowl and get your hands dirty. Mix it up and roll into meatballs. Make them as big or as small as you want.
2. Heat a skillet over medium high heat. Drizzle with olive oil.
3. Brown the meatballs on each side.
4. After your sauce has been blended and is done place your meat balls in the sauce and let simmer for at least an hour. Stirring occasionally.

* 2 spaghetti squash
* Olive oil
* 1 1/2 cloves of garlic minced
* S & P
* Grape tomatoes
Preheat oven to 375
1. Slice squash in half length wise. Scrape out the seeds.
2. Line a baking sheet with foil and drizzle with olive oil/light coating.
3. Place squash cut side down on baking sheet and roast for 30 minutes.
4. Scrape the squash out with a fork. Pulling the strands towards the center and then scooping them out.
5. Place in a strainer and let the water/moisture drain.
I do all of that in the morning so the squash can sit for a little while.
6. Heat a large skillet over medium heat (you can use the skillet from the meat balls – drain the grease out of the pan first) and drizzle with olive oil. Enough to coat the bottom of the pan and a little extra.
7. Sauté garlic for roughly two minutes/do not burn.
8. Add squash and salt and pepper to taste. Sauté squash until heated through.
9. Add grape tomatoes and a ladle or two of sauce. Toss.
10. Cook until tomatoes have wilted.

Once the “pasta” is done serve on a plate with the sauce and meatballs and a nice side salad! Make your own dressing or find one without added sugar and junk.
I hope you enjoy and if you do try it I would love to hear how you liked it.

I hated meatloaf… Until Now!


Growing up meatloaf was a staple in our house. It was cheap and easy to make for two parents who were chasing after 4 kids. I never liked it. No matter how much ketchup or tomato soup was poured on my piece, I had to choke it down. My Dad would argue that it tasted just like a burger. So not true!

About a year ago a friend posted about a meatloaf she made for her family with sweet potatoes and raisins. She said her kids gobbled it up (she also hipped me to the bacon wrapped cabbage). Missy has never steered me wrong so I thought, what the hell, and gave it a try.

HEAVEN! This meatloaf only had one thing in common with my Dad’s meatloaf. It was easy to make (aside from using the box grater on the sweet potato after a heavy shoulder work out)! This meatloaf is loaded with flavor, has a great texture, and filling. Lucy ate 2 big hunks of this last night for dinner. She fed the dogs her broccoli (I knew I should have sautéed her broccoli in coconut oil) and kept yelling for more meatloaf. She acted as if someone was going to take it from her, eating it as fast as I could put it on her tray.

You need to try this, and you need to try it now! This recipe is not mine and you can find it by using the link below. PaleoOMG is one of my favorite blogs and a great inspiration.

Savory Sweet Potato Meatloaf

Eat Real – Jen

Santa and Bacon

Lucy had a big day yesterday. We went and saw Santa and attended a holiday party with our Crossfit family. Lucy was up way past her bed time and only had one true nap durning the day and she did really well all day long.

When we got to the mall there was already a line for Santa. No big deal, lines are normal this time of year. The Santa was great. He looked authentic and had a kind way about him. I wish he had “ho, ho, ho’ed” at least once. Lucy would have gotten a kick out of that since we have been working on “what does Santa say”. None the less, Ryan took a really good picture.


After Santa we had some time to relax before a holiday party and we all took a long nap. I wish my little peanut would snuggle with me, all I have wanted to do since Friday is hold and kiss her, but I am sure our nap wouldn’t have been as restful if that were the case.

The holiday party we were attending was for our CFD (Crossfit Distinction) family and we were asked to bring a paleo dish. I figured the meat and veggies would be covered so I thought about a paleo dessert. I know “barks” are big this time of year so I thought, can I make a paleo bark? BUT OF COURSE. Chocolate and BACON go so well together! So needless to say – bacon bark has become a new treat in our household during the holidays. Check out the recipe page for a link to the recipe. Or click the link below the picture. ENJOY.

Eat Real




Holy Smokes

It has been 12 days since I last updated the blog. Thank you for being patient.

I spent the whole day in the kitchen today. I made food for Lucy and food for the adults along with a little treat, an apple crisp (not paleo). Every now and again I will make a little treat for the family. Lucy still has not had any grain – her treats are 100% paleo.

I posted recipes of two of the things I made today. You can find them under the recipe tab on the left hand side of this blog.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying food. Today certainly re-energized my passion for cooking and yummy food.

Eat Real- Jen