Our first stomach flu!

So my little one came down with the flu late Monday night. She was puking through the early morning and such a little trooper. When she woke up for the day she was hungry and thirsty. We sipped some water and ate thin slices of banana. It’s really hard to tell a 2 1/2 year old that she can’t have any other food. I found myself sneaking food like an inmate because she always wants to eat what I am eating. So what do you feed your little one when they have the stomach flu. Every Doc will tell you the B.R.A.T diet. Banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. We don’t keep bread in the house and we eat rice about once a week. Good thing I had left over rice in the fridge.

I was feeling a little queasy myself and really wanted some toast. It really is a curse that we have a local bakery at the top of our street that makes fresh bread every morning. Lucy and I walked up to the bakery and I got a loaf of the multi grain bread…eek! I had them toast one piece for Lucy on the way home and I have learned that this little chick likes just plain bread not toast.
So far she was keeping things down. Small sips of water, little bites of bread and thin slices of banana. I know the bread is not paleo but it seems to be the only thing she wants to eat.

I knew she would have a hard time when we sat down to dinner and she couldn’t have any of the roast chicken and veggies. I opted to make her some homemade applesauce. WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN MAKING THIS SINCE SHE WAS AN INFANT. It was so easy and so incredibly good. My husband came down with the bug on Wednesday and he got to take part in the applesauce goodness.
I came down with a rendition of the nasty bug yesterday and just can’t seem to get right. Just made some mashed potatoes and I’m feeling a little better. Here’s hoping that we have sent this bug packing!

Here is the recipe for the applesauce for those that want to give it a go!

* 5-6 baby apples
* 3/4 cup of water
* 2 Tbls of raw honey
* Cinnamon (to taste, I like a lot)

1. Peel and core the apples, cut into cubes.
2. Place in a sauce pot and combine with the water, honey, and cinnamon.
3. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.
4. Cover and cook for 20-25 minutes, until apples are fork tender.
5. Using an emersion blender or potato masher crush the apples to desired consistency.
6. Place in a bowl and put in the fridge until cool.


A full day of play and clean eating!

We are in our third and last week here in sunny CA and yesterday was a full day of play. We planned a day trip into Santa Barbara. I made a picnic lunch for us the night before.

I made a bunch of Trader Joe’s chicken sausages and sliced them into bite sized pieces, sliced up some peppers, grabbed some apples, grabbed a bag of cashews and almonds, and popped some organic popcorn kernels. Filled up some water bottles with water and we were all set for a day at the beach.

Ryan and I did talk about the business a bit but I have to say that the majority of the day was spent having fun. Seeing some sites, playing in the water and the sand and taking a nice drive back to Ojai.



I knew that when we got home the last thing I would want to do is cook. So I made sure I wouldn’t have to by planning ahead for dinner and made one of the family favorites, avocado tuna salad, a few nights a head of time. I did need to cook some black beans (they go perfectly with the cilantro lime rice left over from the night before) but that takes very little prep time and they just simmer on the stove top for a while. I also had a workout I needed to do before dinner. Here is a tip on how to get all this done and not waist any time.
I turned the oven on to 375, prepped the black beans and got them going on the stove. I changed into my workout clothes and by the time that was all done the oven was up to temp and all I needed to do was put the avocado tuna salad in the oven and then turn the oven off. By doing this the dish will warm up without over cooking. I can leave it in the oven warming up while I was doing my work out and the beans were simmering away. By the time I was done with my workout all I needed to do was put the pieces of dinner together for a yummy dish.

By planning a head you really do save yourself from making bad choices! We could have easily grabbed take out or pizza on the way home but we knew we had a clean and super tasty meal waiting for us.

It was a great day filled with good fun and good food and too much sun!

Does your food have lots of color?

I love when my food is full of different colors. My chili starts with several different peppers. Green, red, yellow, orange, hot, sweet, and bell. Don’t forget the garlic! I also have a secret ingredient. If you can guess it I will post the cope.
I can’t wait for dinner time! Typically I serve it over some rice with cheese and sour cream, but not tonight! No rice on the reset.
What’s your favorite colorful dish?


Family Favorite

I mentioned in a previous that I never liked meat loaf. That is until I tried PaleoOMG’s sweet and savory meat loaf. Bacon, raisins, cinnamon, sweet potato, and spices. It sounds like a weird combo but it goes together so well. My daughter gobbles this up like she hasn’t eaten in days. Check it out if you want something different and tasty. http://paleomg.com/paleo-savory-sweet-potato-meatloaf/


Yes those are mashed white potatoes. We do eat white potatoes every now and again so stop freaking out.

Switch Witch

I have been meaning to post this entry for about two weeks now. Lucy will be two in about a week and a half now so I’m sure you can all understand my absence from this blog. ; )

About a month ago I came across another paleo parents blog, and of course I can’t recall which one and I really wish I could because their Halloween idea is BRILLIANT, where I read about the switch witch. This Halloween will be Lucy’s first time going out to trick or treat. I enjoy family traditions and I can still remember Halloween’s from when I was a kid. I want Lucy to have strong positive memories as well. As I thought about what our Halloween would look like, since we are a paleo/primal family and avoid processed food, I realized how upsetting Halloween would be for her if we had her dress up, collect candy to then have her get rid of it (Her uncle is a high school teacher so we plan to donate her candy to his class room). Here comes the BRILLIANT idea. The switch witch!

What’s the switch witch you ask? Well she’s a little witch that will trade your Halloween candy (minus a piece or two, we aren’t that strict and plan to let her pick a few pieces to keep) for a small toy. Now I’m not talking big $$ here. The switch witch knows Lucy’s birthday is a week after Halloween so she’s not going crazy. A small toy or a few new art supplies for a bag of candy seems like a pretty good deal! All Lucy has to do is leave her candy out for the witch and the next morning she will find a surprise from the switch witch.

I am so thankful for this idea and really wish I could give credit where credit is due!! I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween this year and I will do my best to post how things went.

Here is a sneak peak of little Miss Lucy dressed in here Halloween costume.


She ate how much?


Not only is Lucy a great eater, she eats everything, she eats a lot. This is a picture of her dinner plate the other night. She had balsamic chicken, 2 kosher dill pickles (only one is pictured), and broccoli that was sautéed in coconut oil.

This is what was left:


I don’t feed her snacks because she naps shortly after she eats and she eats shortly after she wakes up. Occasionally she will wake early from a nap and I’ll give her a snack comprised of raisins or freeze dried fruits.
I am often amazed at how much this little girl can put away. But when it’s healthy whole foods I don’t worry about the amount she eats.

Eat Real