I maintained in May

The month of May consisted of planning a garage sale, cleaning out the garage, and setting up the home gym. I got a few work outs in but not many and I wasn’t consistent. We also had a little potty training regression with our little one so that has been rough. I am really surprised at how well I maintained given the stress and lack of sleep throughout the month.


I picked a different sports bra and shorts this time. Trying to change it up! The weather has certainly warmed up here and I have been doing well with my workouts over the last week. I’ve gotten 3 in so far and plan to do at least 4 a week throughout the month.

This was me this morning:


What you can’t see is my little one working right along with me. When I took my shirt off she did the same and was doing push ups with me. I could hear her yelling “go mommy go” as I sprinted (let’s be honest there was no sprinting) up a hill with a 14# medball and she ran right along side me as I made my way back up the drive. This was the perfect motivation for me. Having my little girl see me doing this and trying to mirror it. Teaching and showing her how to live a healthy life is my job and dammit I had a proud mommy moment today!

What habits are your kids picking up from you? What are you showing them without even knowing you are teaching them? Is it good? If not how can you change it right now… Don’t wait, do it now!


Week Two Starts Today:


Week one is complete! If I have to asses how I did I would say I did pretty darn good. Kept up on my work outs, kept to the smaller cup of tea, no crap food, but I did eat way more fruit than I should have. This week I will be focusing on the fruit intake. It’s important not to replace one old vice with a new one. You are just creating a new bad habit. While fruit is healthy and you shouldn’t be afraid to eat it, it’s still sugar. Combining protein with good fats and healthy carbs, fruits and veggies are my carbs, and making sure you have a healthy balance of each you should do well.
The last few days, mostly the last 24 hours have been difficult. We are in the midst of potty training our very head strong 2 year old, transitioned her to a toddler bed (naps and bed time have been challenging) and she took a pretty nasty tumble down the basement steps yesterday. My nerves were so fried by 7pm last night. I was really wanting a little tequila or bourbon. If it weren’t for this little journey that I asked all of you to follow me on I would have added a long pour of bourbon in my tea last night. Again, thanks to all of you, you keep me honest. I think that also says a lot to having some accountability when making a change to your lifestyle. If there is no accountability then there is no consequence to failure. Why do you think Weight Watchers is so successful? They offer support and accountability! When this 30 days is over you all will be looking for the results not the excuses. And so will I.

As I prep to stay the course in week two I have made a list of meals and sides that I will be making/trying in the weeks to come. I hope you continue to follow my journey and I promise if you do… More recipes to follow. Maybe one or some or all….

Beef Stroganoff – this one was already posted and was so f’ing good!
Stuffed Cabbage
Rutabaga Fries
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Honey Lime Salmon
Fish Tacos

You all have been pretty quiet. Any questions or comments are welcome! Would love to know who I have following along. For the new followers… Thank You!

– Jen

Day 1: The Naked Truth

My husband says this is brave of me (hence the picture choice in an earlier post) but I want everyone to see this transformation. No filters, no touch ups…just me. Here is what I look like at this very moment. I know that I am not over weight. I also know that my body is not healthy right now. I can see it in the mirror, in the way my clothes fit, in how I feel mentally and physically, and in how I have been sleeping.

At the end of this 30 day reset I will be sleeping better, my skin will be better, my energy levels will be more even keeled (no more spike and crash), my clothes will fit better AND the belly bloat will be on its way to being just a
memory – if not gone.

During this reset I have decided to do the 30 day squat challenge http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com/30-day-squat-challenge/ and the 6 week push up challenge http://www.hundredpushups.com/test.html.