My name is Jen and I am the mother of three. Having two step children in my life for the past 8 years had me falling in love with being a mom. As they reached adult status I knew I wasn’t done being a mom. My husband and I welcomed a little girl this past November. I was blessed with a quick labor – went natural, which was the plan – our little bundle was in a hurry and by the time we got to the hospital I was already in the midst of the most painful part and with the support I had with me I saw it through with just a little Nitrous-oxide to take the edge off. I was in labor for 5.5 hours from when my water broke to holding her in my arms. We named her Lucy Danger given her fast track entrance into this world.

Lucy has been exclusively breast fed for 5.5 months. We introduced solid food a little earlier since she seemed to be so hungry. I knew I wanted to raise her on a paleo diet and found it difficult to find paleo baby food options in the store. We did not do formula or cereal. We went right for the 1st foods. As she started eating more and was moving into the 2nd stage of food, I found myself spending a good 10-15 minutes in the baby food isle reading labels and nixing the items that had wheat flour, soy, and the likes… this limited my ability to vary the food she was getting.

SO here we are. I am now a stay at home mom loving every minute I get to spend with my daughter but missing the feeling of contributing/teaching/sharing with adults. This blog is a reference for those looking for help and ideas. I have already done the hard part. I have stood in the isle, I have read the blogs, researched the web, and tried new things with Lucy. Follow along and let me do some of the work for you so you can spend that extra time with your little ones, or not so little ones.

Eat Real – Jen


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