Piss and Vinegar

It seems like everything in my house has been tinkled on. I’m doing the kids laundry at least twice a day and sopping up tinkle from a couch or chair cushion.

Potty training was going well. She seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and when there were changes in her routine she only had a few accidents before she got back on track. Then we got back from CA and she got lazy and sneaky. She would just tinkle on the couch and try to hide it, she would try to change and put her wet clothes in the shoot without me knowing, and no matter how often I physically put her on the potty and made her go she would still tinkle on everything.

I was so tempted to go buy pull-ups. I had them in my hand at the store and a little voice told me to stay the course. So if it seems that I am not posting as often you know why. I’m elbow deep in piss and vinegar.

But she’s pretty damn cute though….



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