The good, the bad and the ugly of this Mother’s Day


I woke up to my little one stumbling into my room at about 8am (the good) and saying “I want to hold you mom” (more good). I smiled and gladly pulled her up into bed with me and squeezed her. She looked over my shoulder and and asked “where is daddy”. I told her he was already up and in the kitchen. She promptly left the bed in search of the guy with the food. I laid in bed for a little bit longer.
I heard Lucy tell her daddy that she wanted to make my tea. I could hear them in the kitchen talking back and forth to each other, it was really sweet. Then I heard Ryan ask Lucy to carry something for him and bring it to me. As Lucy came into the room I pushed myself up into a seated position on the bed and Lucy gripped the bag tight and said, “No my present”. I got her to hand it over with the promise that she could help me open it. She did a very good job helping me and let me keep my present (another good, actually great).
We walked to the coffee shop and “treat” shop and brought breakfast home. This is where the bad started. I had a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich…the bread was french toast. So good dipped in syrup! My awesome husband made sure I was able to get a workout in (very good). I did some deadlifts for some strength work and then some lighter deadlifts and 200 meter hill sprints for 12 mins. It was an ass kicker for sure. I started to worry that the sandwich was making its way back up. I am certainly feeling that workout today!
After a shower, and a little nap (Lucy napped well, and I got about 10 mins) Lucy and I snacked on some dried mangos and plantain chips. Trader Joe’s has the BEST roasted plantain chips! I tried to make some at home and they really didn’t come close. I am going to try again and see if I can improve on my first attempt but in the mean time Lucy and I can polish off a bag of these, no problem. We had a pretty heavy snack because Daddy was in charge of dinner.
Lucy and I played outside while we waited for Daddy to come pick us up, he had to work for a bit (the bad). I had some choices for dinner, Little bit of a cheat or don’t care just feed me, new or old, eat in or go out, walk or drive? I picked Feed me, new, eat out, walk. We went for pizza!!! It may not sound like much but Ryan took me for pizza on Mother’s Day the year i was pregnant with Lucy. That was sweet (good). After dinner we went for ice-cream (this is where it got ugly). Oh so yummy handmade ice-cream with delectable flavors.
Over all I had a FANTASTIC day. But I also had a FANTASTIC workout and felt great after words and it was pretty much all for not since I threw that away with what I ate. I love a good day of going off the rails but in the big picture of things it’s a pretty stupid move. I expected a pretty good food hangover headache this morning but I didn’t have one. That was surprising!
It really is time for me to stop talking about making better choices and actually do it on a consistent basis. I have scheduled my workouts so there is no reason that they wont get done and I don’t keep any junk in the house. No more eating out for a while and if we do its meat and veggies. THe GOOD stuff!
I hope all the Mother’s out there had a splendid day and that you played and laughed with your kids! I know I did and this will be one I don’t soon forget.



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