Check Out Those Tan Lines!

Today is May 1st and that means new pictures.


Other than the tan lines these pictures could very well be the same ones from April 1st. The goal for April was to show you how a clean diet combined with exercise can really change your body composition. We spent the first three weeks of April in sunny, beautiful California. The plan was to continue the clean eating and to exercise more. I really did maintain a clean diet but I also treated myself to things we wouldn’t normally eat and ate a lot of the things we try to limit. We had local ice-cream, dark chocolate covered almonds, homemade organic popcorn, Ezekiel Bread (sprouted grain bread), and tamales. These are all things that we would normally eat IN MODERATION. But we also had an occasional pastry/bagel at the coffee shop and we did go out for pizza one night. While none of that sounds horrible it adds up.

I exercised often. My husband had me running up hills, lunging, squatting, doing push-ups, KettleBell work, Burpees, I hula hooped, hiked, walked a lot, swam, and much more. I really kicked it up!

What these pictures prove is that you can work your ass off for an hour in the gym and what you put in your mouth can either help or hinder your progress to having good health. I “maintained” while in CA instead of making progress. For me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not over weight and I’m not sick. However, I didn’t reach my goal. I have more work to do and have to learn how to be more disciplined.

For those that are stuck and have plateaued in their weight loss journey, try taking a closer look at your nutrition. Start journaling everything you eat each day. Even that stick of gum. At the end of the week take note of what you have been eating. This is a great exercise in accountability and can really help fine tune your nutrition. You may find that what you thought you were eating in moderation was actually more often than you thought, or you are eating several things in moderation which adds up too.

And so my journey continues. The month of May tends to be cold and wet here in CLE. I noticed that my mood has been significantly grumpier since we got back form CA. I know that it’s the weather and not seeing the sun, and feeling it on my skin. There is nothing I can do about that except take full advantage of the good days when we have them. Keep moving forward, making adjustments, and learning and growing as I find my groove and flow to a healthier me.


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