I Have No Self Control! This is my confession.


If I have learned anything over the last three weeks its that I cannot trust myself around crappy food. If I am around the food it will eventually find it’s way into my mouth. I mentioned in a previous post that I needed to learn to say “no” more often and just because I am “on vacation” doesn’t mean my eating habits have to be on vacation as well. I can talk a good game but when it comes down to it, I just suck at self control. So what I have learned is that I cannot be around crappy, unhealthy food. But seriously, how realistic is that. There are 600,000 “food” options here in America. The majority of which is CRAP?

I have over indulged this entire vacation. From the crazy yummy tamales to the chocolate covered almonds, fruit, pizza, ice cream, more than one chai tea a day, and lets not talk about In N Out Burger (Are you kidding me, SO GOOD). Thank goodness my husband has been coming up with fun work outs to do otherwise I would come back from this trip in the same shape I started before my reset in March.

What’s my point? You know yourself better than anyone on this planet. I know my husband can decide that he isn’t going to eat something and be done with it. He wont give it another thought. I know I will tell myself a thousand times not to eat something. I will try to convince myself that I don’t want it, I don’t need it. I know I will eventually cave! Knowing this about myself helps me fight the good fight. I know that I cannot go back to having the unhealthy food in the house under the guise that I will just have a little from time to time. I know I cannot avoid crappy food outside of my home, its everywhere you look, but I do know that if I keep a clean pantry and fridge I am ahead of the game!

I cannot pretend that I have the same will power as my husband. When I do, I feel as if I am in a constant battle with food and that is NO WAY to go about your day to day. Clean out the fridge and the pantry and the fight goes away! You shouldn’t fight with your food, unless you are getting it off the bone our out of it’s shell. When you start fighting with yourself or feeling guilt over food you need to take a step back and figure out why you feel that way. IF you are like me it’s probably because you want to make the good choices but fail from time to time. Set yourself up for success. Set yourself up to win! Don’t punish yourself for the missteps, learn from them and do better next time. That is the lesson I am taking with me from this trip. Know myself and set myself up to win! I am more successful when I surround myself with the BEST options and will crash and burn if I don’t.


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