Good Job Mommy


My daughter is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I love that she gets to watch me exercise, work through the suck, and smile after! At the end of today’s work out I was laying on the floor breathing heavy. My little angel comes over, sits down, leans in and gives me a kiss. She then says “good job mommy”. It made me light up and reminded me that setting a positive example for her is my number one goal in life. That little kiss and those words of encouragement were just what I needed and she learned that from watching her Daddy and me interact and how we encourage her when she is learning.

Another area I take much pride in is teacher her how to eat healthy. This kid loves food and eats or at least tries everything we put in front of her. I took some meat out for dinner and set it on the counter to thaw the rest of the way and she squeals and says “chicken wings”. I buy the wings that have the wing and drum stick still attached together and they come from responsibly raised birds. So they aren’t Pterodactyl sized but they are smaller than the wings you will find at a big box grocer. They are meaty and two packs is enough for all three of us for dinner. The fact that she knew we were having chicken wings and not just chicken was awesome!

I make a “rub” of salt, pepper, and garlic powder and cook at a high temp in the oven until crispy brown… Yes these are skin on because they are so much better that way. You can add chili pepper flakes or powder if you want a little spice. Tonight we will have wings with watermelon, wish Lucy kissed the melon over and over this morning, and some home made guacamole! Carbs, protein and FAT! We eat a lot of fat in this house! Good, healthy fat! What are you guys making for dinner?


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