Suuuun poooisoning…


So we have been in sunny CA for a week. It’s amazing here! Even though Lucy and I came down with a cold over the weekend we have been making the most out of this work/vacation. The sun, the people, the mountains, the ocean, and THE SUN! Turns out this pale skinned Irish girl from grey skies Cleveland can’t handle the sun. I got sun poisoning a few days ago! What a drag. All I did was one small work out in the yard and by that evening I was itchy and splotchy! It’s better now but between the runny noses and the itchy skin around here I realized I had not posted in a while.

I finished the push up challenge and am happy to report that today was the first time I did REAL push ups in a work out. I did a quick MetCon of push ups and weighted lunges, this took me about five minutes to complete. I had about a five minute rest and then tackled some hill repeats. Here is what I have to say about that…Huck Fill Repeats (get it, it’s not funny when I have to explain it)! It’s a world of suck. For those that know me know that I loath running. I will cheer for my husband and friends at races, I will crew for long runs but I will not “go for a run”. As much as hill repeats suck they are insanely effective! I did six repetitions of run for 30 seconds and rest for two minutes and 30 seconds. Which translated into me running up the street for 30 seconds and then two minutes of walking down the street trying not to fall on my ass. Here is the thought process for those 30 seconds of running…
* 30 seconds, I got this. I’m so fast
* woah I didn’t think it was this steep
* did I just step in tar? Why can’t I pick up my feet
* my watch must be broken why hasn’t the alarm sounded so I can stop?
* it’s gotta be ti…beep beep beep… Oh thank god, holy hell, F this
Then you turn around and begin your two minute and 30 second rest and you think I got 5 more in me, I got thi…oh whoops I hope no one saw my leg give out.
But the good thing is it’s over fast and they are effective. Hard and fast! And my husband says it will give you an ass. Let’s not forget that I am also working my way through the 30 day plank challenge. You want to know how weak your core is do the core challenge and kick your cores ass and get stronger!

Now to tell you about the hard part about being in this great place. I want to try all the food and different restaurants. FOOD, I LOVE FOOD! So I am planning out some treats as best I can but then something sneaks it’s way in. I’m doing my best but I’m human and try not to be so hard on myself but at the same time I hold myself accountable! I promised to show you all what happens when you combine a clean “diet” with exercise so I have to stop making excuses and just learn to say no. There will be a next time, this won’t be the last time we visit this great place so I have to say no more often!

I hope you all made good choices today and sorry I was gone for a few days.



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