Planks and Cardio

It is the second day of April and our first full day on the west coast. Our little one slept well last night considering she was in a strange bed/place. She was up before the birds and the sun though so her daddy and I are dragging today. We saw some sites, fed some horses, and felt the sun on our faces. I can’t get over the mountains. I’m just in awe and can’t believe I’m here. Might be the sleep deprivation but either way I’m in awe.

Because of the long day of travel yesterday I did not complete day one of the plank challenge. I kept telling myself that I needed to do it before I got into bed, it’s only 20 seconds, but I was so tired I just fell asleep.
To make up the missed day I did day one of this challenge this afternoon after a walk into town (the walk back was all up hill and was a great work out) and I did today’s before bed time tonight. April is going to be fun. Way more cardio will be done and lots of out door adventure.
If you would like to follow the plank challenge I’ve included the link below.


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