Day 31: The Naked Truth

So how did I do?
Here are the before and after pictures.





*Mentally it was tough this time. While I didn’t have the food temptation in the house this time, I did have wine and liquor tempting me. It also seemed every time I went grocery shopping the bakery was working on over drive (bread and cakes and donuts and cookies all around me). I avoided all the temptations and stayed true to the reset.

*Physical appearance changed! Since I wasn’t over weight to start with my appearance may not look as though it has changed but I have clearly slimmed down in the waist (NO BLOAT). My clothes fit so much better now. I don’t feel bloated and my pants aren’t hard to zip. My skin is better, no break outs and so is Lucy’s. Lucy has eczema and keratosis pilaris. She has patches of bumps, almost like little pimples, on her arms, legs, and cheeks. These patches have been getting better over the past 30 days but have not gone away so I know there is some fine tuning I need to be doing with her. I will address that in a later post. Had I stepped up my cardio, meaning had I done cardio more than 3 times in the whole month there would be a very noticeable difference in my muscle tone. And if I’m being honest I was really hoping for more of a change with my ass. I have no ass and I did a boat load of squats. Things don’t change over night. I never had an ass to begin with so to create something from nothing will take some time, mobility, lifting heavy shit and more focus.

*On the inside I feel physically better as well. I have had more energy, even though Lucy has been sleeping horribly, throughout the day. No bloating, PMS symptoms were almost undetectable by the innocent by standers in the house, and my headaches have stopped!

*Added bonus – creative recipes! I made sweet potato chips, rutabaga fries, coconut whipped cream, coconut cream chocolate mousse, and a new stew recipe.

Our reset may be over but our desire to eat clean and provide our bodies with proper fuel and nourishment is stronger than ever. We head off to the west coast tomorrow and I look forward to taking advantage of the farmers market. Creating new dishes/recipes and really proving to myself that I won’t slip back into having “treats” so often. I am a much happier person when I eat clean. I feel great, I function better, and I look great when I take care of myself! Why would I want to go back to the grumpy, bloated, nothing fits me right, zero patience, here comes another headache, I slept like shit last night, frustrated, unhappy person I become when I eat crap? Doesn’t sound like a good investment to me!

Are you willing to give it a try yet? If so let me know how I can help you? If not, stick around for April. I’m kicking up my cardio, taking on a new challenge, sticking to clean eating, and I’ll be on the west coast which means pretty pictures and a fantastic farmers market (more recipes I promise)!

Thank you for tagging along on this journey with me. I hope you all stick around and that maybe in the next 30 days I’ll hear from you in your comments! I’d love to hear what you all are doing to eat clean and stay active. >


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