Final 48 hours

I have two more days left on this reset. It has been a very challenging month/30 days. With potty training Lucy, toddler bed transition, the husband working 12 hour days 6 days a week, and the planning and prep for our trip to CA I cannot believe that there are just two days left. I am getting excited and nervous to take the after pictures. I’m excited because I can feel a difference in how my clothes fit and I can feel a difference with my overall health. I’m nervous because I know my results could have been better if I had made time for more cardio. I focused on my squats and push-ups and did some cardio here and there but not consistently. April will definitely have more cardio and I will post more pictures at the end of April so you can see what happens when you get moving. So even though this 30 day reset is almost over I hope you all continue to follow along.
April’s challenge will be a plank challenge and the final weeks of the push-up challenge and the crazy work outs my husband comes up with. Woohoo!

A refreshing drink of water out of a shot glass:



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