Day 6

With all of you watching and waiting for those “after” pictures I find this reset easier than the last one. The hardest part so far is my smaller cup of chai tea in the morning. I experienced some headaches from the drop in caffeine intake but my cravings are not as strong has they have been in the past. Again, I attribute that to all of you. Having people who hold you accountable makes it easier to succeed. Who do you have in your corner? Who holds you accountable to reach your goals? Who can you lean on when it gets tough?
I have a great community of friends and family who genuinely want me to succeed in life! I encourage all of you to take a step back and look at your inner circle. Do they lift you up or drag you down….? Sleep on that question. If you have folks who drag you done maybe you need to reconsider those that are in your inner circle. That may sound rough, or harsh but negativity begets negativity. Surround yourself with positivity and you will be surprised at what that brings your way.

I have been keeping up with the squat challenge and push up challenge but I have to admit I have been really missing the challenge of a good AMRAP or METCON (my CrossFit family knows what I am talking about). So my husband programmed a few work outs for me that can be done in our basement. Today I did a 10 min AMRAP of 10 KettleBell swings and 5 ring rows and completed 10 rounds and 8 swings – along with 75 squats! I am still able to complete the added work out and the squats and push ups in 30 mins, even though the amount of push ups and squats increase each time.

I am really thankful for all of my followers and supports. Thank you for keeping me honest, accountable, and motivated. OH and the beef stroganoff from Marks Daily Apple (yesterday’s post) was AMAZING!!! I beg you to give it a try!


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