My Personal Paleo

Let me start with this disclaimer for the paleo police….
I do what works FOR ME and my family.

Some people can’t process dairy, legumes, oats or rice. In our house we can, but in moderation. We do not keep bread, grains, white flour, or sugar in the house. We have minimally processed foods such as Trader Joes chicken sausages and lunch meat but you won’t find bread, pasta, canned sauces, dressings, cereals, cookies, candies, and the likes. We do not cook with canola or vegetable oils. We use olive oil, coconut oil, bacon fat, lard, and grassfed butter. We follow a paleo way of eating with some additions that we know works for us.

During our 30 day reset though we will be getting back to basics and on top of the things we already avoid we will be avoiding the following items as well:
* rice
* steel cut oats
* alcohol
* popcorn (we make our own with organic nonGMO kernels and coconut oil)

We will be cutting back on/limiting:
* legumes (we love black beans and they are a good filler for a family on a tight budget)
* dairy

So basically we will be eating:
* meat
* fish
* some fruit
* vegetables
* fat (see cooking oils from above
* nuts and seeds
* some dairy (limited)
* some legumes (limited)

One last – disclaimer – I am perfectly aware that my cup of chai tea in the morning is not considered paleo. I do not like coffee and really enjoy a hot cup of chai in the morning. I purchase the slightly sweet option at Whole Foods and prepare my own cup each morning, this is not a Starbucks chai. I know there are other tea options that don’t have the added sugar but I just don’t want them. My compromise, use a smaller mug than I have been.

Now that we/you know what we will be be eating and what we won’t be eating, the next step is to create a grocery list. In my next post I will share with you what I will be stocking up on, what I plan to have on hand to avoid faileo meals (failed paleo meals) and my plan for continued success for the 30 day challenge.


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