Day 1: The Naked Truth

My husband says this is brave of me (hence the picture choice in an earlier post) but I want everyone to see this transformation. No filters, no touch ups…just me. Here is what I look like at this very moment. I know that I am not over weight. I also know that my body is not healthy right now. I can see it in the mirror, in the way my clothes fit, in how I feel mentally and physically, and in how I have been sleeping.

At the end of this 30 day reset I will be sleeping better, my skin will be better, my energy levels will be more even keeled (no more spike and crash), my clothes will fit better AND the belly bloat will be on its way to being just a
memory – if not gone.

During this reset I have decided to do the 30 day squat challenge and the 6 week push up challenge



Purge your pantry and stock up!

Grocery shopping brings me the most stress. It usually involves 4 stores (whole foods, trader joes, heinens, and giant eagle), no coupons, shopping the sales, priorities, and a very tight budget. We are a single income family. Income that is made on others disposable income. My husband is a tattoo artist. He works really hard but he is dependent on people keeping their appointments and then sitting for the set amount of time they scheduled. If they don’t show or they only sit for 2 of the 4 hours they scheduled our budget changes. This happens weekly. One of my jobs is to make sure our family is fed with clean healthy food. When I hear people say “it’s too expensive to eat like you do”, I cringe. It’s a shitty excuse and I’m not buying it. I make it work every week.

To be successful in following this way of eating, in changing your lifestyle, in transitioning your kids, you need to get rid of everything that will derail you. Throw away or donate the things that aren’t considered paleo, or has a commercial. For the next 30 days we are resetting the brain and body so let’s get rid of everything! My family and I have been eating pretty clean for over two years now, we cleaned out our pantry and fridge a long time ago. For some of you, if not most, this is the start, the very beginning and it has to be a clean break for you to see and feel the results. No cheats, no treats, no paleo baked goods… Commit, right now, to 30 days. If the junk is around, if it’s still there for you to easily reach for, YOU WILL. Get rid of it. If your kids know the pop tarts and cereal are in the pantry they will protest eggs and bacon. If they know the mac&cheese is still in the cupboard they won’t even try the sweet potato fries you worked so hard on preparing. Don’t buy gluten free bread and snacks. That stuff isn’t any more real than a pop tart. They are full of processed sugars and corn! Over the next 30 days I hope to show you some fun and creative ways to help transition you and your family off processed food. But first, let’s talk about what items you need in stock.

I wish I could afford grassfed beef, pastured chickens and eggs, clean pork and ocean caught fish but I can’t. I buy that when we can but for the day to day I have to shop at 4 stores. I would buy everything from Whole Foods but that isn’t realistic either. I made a list of my go to items and where I get them. (Note: I live in NE Ohio and the farmers market options are pretty limited come the winter. When the weather breaks I try to buy most everything at the farmers market)

Whole Foods:
* fresh ground almond butter (grind your own and it’s MUCH cheaper)
** snowville creamery non homaginized whole milk
* cage free eggs (about 3 dozen a week)
** local grassfed cheese
** slightly sweet chai tea mix
* grassfed or pastured meat that is on sale
* bulk bin raw almonds and cashews
* lara bars

Trader Joes:
* chicken sausages (a variety of flavors)
* dried fruits (no sugar or sulfates added)
* coconut milk/cream
* coconut oil cooking spray
* spices (these are important, having a good mix of spices is key to making many different dishes using the same ingredients)

* most of my meat (shop the sales and their quality is a little better than the big grocery chains)
* produce (lots of veggies, shop what’s in season and make sure you have a variety of items and color. keep in mind these items spoil so buy what you can eat in a week/few days. DO NOT load up on fruit – it’s still sugar. )
* canned goods (beans**, tomatoes and tomato sauce – check the labels for added bullshit and sugar. Put it back if it has any added ingredients. You are buying beans make sure it’s just beans)
* olive oil

Giant Eagle (local big chain grocer)
* frozen fish
* some meat (it is so very hard for me to buy meat here. It’s full of hormones, antibiotics, and the animals did not live a natural life. However, when we are pinching pennies…)
* produce (I shop the weekly ad between heinens and giant eagle, again shopping the sales)

Costco: (bulk items)
* coconut oil
* frozen veggies

Whew this is a long post! I hope you guys are still with me. The list above is vague I know. To focus your list a bit (what kinds of meat and veggies) purchase some paleo cookbooks or search the internet for some paleo recipes. You need to have an idea of what you will be cooking for the week so you don’t over spend or buy things that you don’t know how to prepare.

I can easily keep typing about how to set yourself up for success but you folks have busy lives. If you have specific questions or concerns please post them below and I will address them. Do yourselves a favor and set yourself up for success! Clean out the garbage and plan ahead.

** denotes a non paleo item please see my post here where I discuss this.


My Personal Paleo

Let me start with this disclaimer for the paleo police….
I do what works FOR ME and my family.

Some people can’t process dairy, legumes, oats or rice. In our house we can, but in moderation. We do not keep bread, grains, white flour, or sugar in the house. We have minimally processed foods such as Trader Joes chicken sausages and lunch meat but you won’t find bread, pasta, canned sauces, dressings, cereals, cookies, candies, and the likes. We do not cook with canola or vegetable oils. We use olive oil, coconut oil, bacon fat, lard, and grassfed butter. We follow a paleo way of eating with some additions that we know works for us.

During our 30 day reset though we will be getting back to basics and on top of the things we already avoid we will be avoiding the following items as well:
* rice
* steel cut oats
* alcohol
* popcorn (we make our own with organic nonGMO kernels and coconut oil)

We will be cutting back on/limiting:
* legumes (we love black beans and they are a good filler for a family on a tight budget)
* dairy

So basically we will be eating:
* meat
* fish
* some fruit
* vegetables
* fat (see cooking oils from above
* nuts and seeds
* some dairy (limited)
* some legumes (limited)

One last – disclaimer – I am perfectly aware that my cup of chai tea in the morning is not considered paleo. I do not like coffee and really enjoy a hot cup of chai in the morning. I purchase the slightly sweet option at Whole Foods and prepare my own cup each morning, this is not a Starbucks chai. I know there are other tea options that don’t have the added sugar but I just don’t want them. My compromise, use a smaller mug than I have been.

Now that we/you know what we will be be eating and what we won’t be eating, the next step is to create a grocery list. In my next post I will share with you what I will be stocking up on, what I plan to have on hand to avoid faileo meals (failed paleo meals) and my plan for continued success for the 30 day challenge.

It’s about Mommy this time!

Hi My Paleo Baby followers. Starting today and thru 3/30 I will be pirating this blog and posting about my families paleo reset. I will be focusing on me and my results but this impacts my little one as well because when I splurged (which has been often since the holidays – winter is hard to stay on track) she got to have some too. Starting March 1st I am doing my version of a paleo reset. I will post pics of myself, what I am doing for exercise, things I eat, and how I feel throughout the reset. I invite you to follow me on this journey and invite anyone you think who can benefit or might be interested. I am excited to have you all along with me and am really looking forward to watching the transformation take place. I hope you stay tuned and that you invite others to follow along! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and post your comments. I will do my best to address them all!

Let’s get this party started…..