It’s Been To Long!

AAHHH SORRY GUYS! I did it again. So much going on right now and my mind and time has been focused on other things. Hope to be able to share some of that stuff in the near future!

Happy Spring Everyone! It’s finally here!

Lucy had her 18 month check up this week and all is well. She is perfectly healthy. No issues to report. My husband and I really like our Pediatrician however, we have to get used to being questioned about our life style, the Paleo Life Style.

The Pediatrician starts every visit with the “Is She…” questions. Talking, running, climbing, stacking blocks… YES. “Does she know any body parts yet”? Yes pretty much all of them. “Does she mimic what you are doing”? Yes! And so on.

Then the food questions come up. Lucy is a great eater. Pretty much whatever you give her she will try, and she likes most of what she is given. Her Papa gave her some raw onion tonight and she gobbled it right up. I wanted to gag, I cannot stand onion. But she loved it.

Anyway, the Pediatrician asked how much milk Lucy was getting a day and I told her that Lucy does not get dairy. The Pediatrician recalled from our last visit that we were going to try to give her coconut milk since she we had just weened her from breastfeeding at 15 months. Lucy did not like drinking straight coconut milk so we have just stuck with scrambling her eggs with it in the morning. I stated that she received about a tablespoon or so a day and the Pediatricians response was “so not much”? Correct. She then asked if Lucy was still breastfeeding and replied “no”. You could tell she was trying to be delicate and not offend us but asked “so how is she getting her Vitamin D, calcium etc…”. Ryan and I both replied with “fresh fruits and veggies and meat”. She then confirmed with us that we were checking all the ingredients in her food to make sure she is getting the right amount of everything that she needs. I almost said “yes, the strawberries say strawberries, the kale says kale, the brussels sprouts say brussels sprouts, and the steak says steak” But I held my tongue.

The biggest discussion we had revolved around our decision to stop giving Lucy the Infant Water. The water that has fluoride in it. We have well water and it was suggested at one of the previous visits that we give her the infant water to help protect her teeth and make them stronger. We went out and bought it and every other time we filled her cup we gave her the infant water. I started reading about fluoridated water and I started to get lost in all the science and propaganda – who do you believe crap. And then it clicked… If her toothpaste is fluoride free, because children her age don’t have the spitting part of brushing their teeth figured out yet, then why would I give her fluoridated water? Now I know some people will ask “well whats the concentration difference”? I ask, does it matter? If she swallows a larger concentration in her toothpaste vs. a smaller concentration given over a longer period of time… it’s still exposure to something that is harmful. One way will just have quicker negative effects than the other. We stood firm on our decision with the Pediatrician and Lucy’s dentist even commented on how great her teeth are.

We as paleo parents have to remember that the vast majority of the population are connivence food eaters and as a whole they experience more health/dental issues. There is plenty of evidence and real life stories available for review via the internet that proves, what you eat can and will cause health issues and it can also reverse health issues. Until there are more paleo physicians out there we will have to continue to educate others on why we choose to feed our family the way we do. I just wish Lucy’s current health and development would be proof enough that she isn’t lacking a thing in her diet. She is focused when she is awake, silly but not out of control, she has tantrums but they are easily controlled (no insulin spikes and drop offs to battle on top of not getting her way), she is curious, she is quick to pick up on things, and has a memory like an elephant. You only have to show her how to do something once, maybe twice and she will remember (age appropriate tasks). Both her Dentist/Hygienist and Pediatrician have stated how easy she is to examine and are genuinely surprised by this. You would think that this would cause a medical professional to pause a minute and possibly question the American Diet and recommendations.

With that said, we LOVE our Pediatrician and so does Lucy. She respects our decisions and we understand that the Corporation she works for requires her to recommend these things. We agree to disagree!

Eat Real!