She ate how much?


Not only is Lucy a great eater, she eats everything, she eats a lot. This is a picture of her dinner plate the other night. She had balsamic chicken, 2 kosher dill pickles (only one is pictured), and broccoli that was sautéed in coconut oil.

This is what was left:


I don’t feed her snacks because she naps shortly after she eats and she eats shortly after she wakes up. Occasionally she will wake early from a nap and I’ll give her a snack comprised of raisins or freeze dried fruits.
I am often amazed at how much this little girl can put away. But when it’s healthy whole foods I don’t worry about the amount she eats.

Eat Real


I hated meatloaf… Until Now!


Growing up meatloaf was a staple in our house. It was cheap and easy to make for two parents who were chasing after 4 kids. I never liked it. No matter how much ketchup or tomato soup was poured on my piece, I had to choke it down. My Dad would argue that it tasted just like a burger. So not true!

About a year ago a friend posted about a meatloaf she made for her family with sweet potatoes and raisins. She said her kids gobbled it up (she also hipped me to the bacon wrapped cabbage). Missy has never steered me wrong so I thought, what the hell, and gave it a try.

HEAVEN! This meatloaf only had one thing in common with my Dad’s meatloaf. It was easy to make (aside from using the box grater on the sweet potato after a heavy shoulder work out)! This meatloaf is loaded with flavor, has a great texture, and filling. Lucy ate 2 big hunks of this last night for dinner. She fed the dogs her broccoli (I knew I should have sautéed her broccoli in coconut oil) and kept yelling for more meatloaf. She acted as if someone was going to take it from her, eating it as fast as I could put it on her tray.

You need to try this, and you need to try it now! This recipe is not mine and you can find it by using the link below. PaleoOMG is one of my favorite blogs and a great inspiration.

Savory Sweet Potato Meatloaf

Eat Real – Jen