Don’t be duped!

Ryan and I have finished our 30 day paleo challenge. We both feel like the reset was definitely needed and we both feel a million times better. We noticed significant improvements in our sleep, energy levels, performance in the gym, and mood. We also noticed how quickly grains and refined sugar can make us feel like crap. For Ryan’s 40th birthday we went out for lunch and we both had a burger. Hell yes we ate the bun.! Before lunch was over Ryan felt like crap. We had a paleo dinner but of course we had to celebrate with something sweet for desert.  I made homemade brownies with a salted caramel sauce with crumbled bacon on top – all topped with some local grassfed ice-cream. YUUUMMM!!! After the bun at lunch and the desert I felt like crap. I slept horrible and my gut was in distress. Not how I wanted to end the day, but a good lesson learned. I think it’s good to treat yourself. I have a long list of crappy food that I LOVE. However, I love how I feel when I am feeding my body real food. The lesson learned here, don’t over indulge. Pace yourself, just as a you would in a WOD. Have a treat every once in a while.

The biggest lesson we learned however was to read EVERY label on EVERYTHING you place in your grocery cart. Don’t be duped like us! Well, we weren’t really duped we just blindly thought/trusted that certain things were just clean. Here are some items that aren’t as clean as one would assume them to be:

Herbal Tea:

Why on earth would I ever check to see what’s in my tea. It’s a tea bag filled with spices, spices are paelo! To my surprise one of  my favorite tea’s has a soy product in it. The good thing though, not all herbal teas have soy. Twinings seems to offer a better selection of clean teas.

Prepared Horseradish:

I should have guessed when the label read “prepared”. I love spicy food and now that I am no longer nursing I can load on the spice, instead of dialing it down,  and horseradish is one of my favorite flavors. Looks like I am going to have to research how to prepare and store my own prepared horseradish. Or search out a new brand at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods because this one has corn oil in it!

Simply Almonds, Cashews, and Cranberries:

This is a bag from Trader Joe’s. The product name is very deceiving. It’s not just those three things. There is a list of ingredients for the ingredients. The almonds and cashews aren’t just almonds and cashews, they list canola oil as an ingredient. The cranberries have added sugar as expected – that wasn’t a shock to me and I eat a few handfuls a week so I wasn’t worried about the added sugar. I couldn’t get past the canola oil!


I’m just gonna say this: Corn Syrup, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein. I haven’t used this product in a while but I do like to use it in stew and marinades. Not anymore, at least not this brand. Maybe I can hunt down a clean one during my search for horseradish.

Bottom line people, don’t assume! Read the labels. Clean out the pantry and fridge and start stocking up on the good stuff.

Eat Real


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