It’s Just Funny

This comic was in the paper a few weeks ago. It reminded me of Lucy’s one year check up with Pediatrician, she wanted to know how Lucy got her carbs if she wasn’t eating grains…

It also made me laugh because since starting a 30 day paleo challenge I am asked “so what do you eat” all the time. It’s not that difficult folks – real food. Meat, veggies, sone fruit, nuts and seeds. It’s so worth the effort. Get past the first two weeks and I assure you that you will wonder why it took you so long to try it in the first place. 14 days – commit for 14 days and I bet you will want to finish out the 30 days and then continue for a life time.

Consider it – just consider it. I have been asthma medication and symptom free for over two years and I have been IBS medication free for at least two years. I would add IBS symptom free as well but that’s not true. When I don’t follow my plan of nutrition I will have flare ups, but not to the degree I had before however, strong enough to remind me that I made the wrong food choices.

Eat Real



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