Holy Molars!

Last Friday I found a BIG surprise in my little ladies mouth. As we were goofing around and she was laughing I got a rare chance to really check out my kids chompers. I said aloud “got any new teeth” not expecting to see anything new and wouldn’t you know, 4 molars making their way thru her gums.

Then it all clicked. Waking up cranky several times a night and wanting to nurse. Digging her finger in her ear. Waking up covered in drool, drool puddles on her sheet. I felt so horrible because I didn’t even put these things together and think she could be getting more teeth let alone molars! She just had two bottom teeth come thru just before the Holidays. It hasn’t even been a month. I wasn’t ready/expecting more teeth!

I soon got over my mommy guilt and thought of all the new foods I can give her. Different meats, no longer need to peel fruits, raw veggies… This just opens a huge door once those puppies are all the way thru.

Helpful Tip: For those Mommies who are nursing their babies, your baby may want to nurse more when they cut new teeth as the type of sucking they have to do to express the milk helps with the pain. Lucy was coming up to me, sitting in my lap and pulling my shirt down trying to nurse. Again I didn’t even think about teeth I just thought she was telling me she was ready for a nap.

As Lucy tries new food I’ll be sure to keep you all posted. In the mean time:

Eat Real



One thought on “Holy Molars!

  1. Valerie says:

    The same thing happened to us last week!! My son (16 months) was wrapped up in a towel after his bath and I decided to check his mouth for new teeth since he couldn’t squirm away! 😉 Well, there were a BUNCH! Four molars and 3 others brand new teeth, cutting through – poor thing! And yes, he is nursing a lot too! Hope we all get through this gently. xx

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