When they protest…

It’s day four of our 30 day paleo challenge and I’m feeling the detox. For the last month or so I’ve had constant cookies and Hershey Kisses. I had a slight headache yesterday. It wasn’t to bad, just annoying, and the cravings are brutal. I want a Hershey Kiss more than I want a real kiss!
This is the hard part. Getting off the crap and teaching my body to run on the good stuff. A few more days and I should be over the hump.

Lets get this blog back on track too!!! Lucy is truly awesome. She eats EVERYTHING (paleo)! We did have our first food issue when she was getting over the flu. She didn’t want veggies or meat! She wanted fruit and sweet potatoes. Instead of making meal time a knock down drag out fight, I offered her the meat and veggies we were eating along with some fruit and sweet potatoes. She would eat some of the meat and veggies but focused in the sweeter stuff. Eventually she got back on track and is back to eating anything I offer her. She had a bite of my paleo spaghetti at lunch and I ended up having to split it with her.

I tweaked my meatball and spaghetti recipe and am working on some new ones so stay tuned. They will be posted soon!

Eat real



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