Who Likes Pancakes? ME!!!!

Three weeks into our 30 day paleo challenge and I want PANCAKES!!! I haven’t had a real pancake in probably a year but all of a sudden I had to have them!

Sister-In-Law to the rescue!!! She tells me about these two ingredient pancakes that her soon to be 6 year old is requesting for his birthday breakfast. I tell ya, that kid is an evil genius. After trying them once I can see why he would want them for a very special day!

I tried them as suggested and then added two more ingredients today when I made them again 😁.

To start all you need is a ripe banana and two eggs. Mash up the banana and then mix with the two eggs. You now have a pancake like batter. Using a 1/3 cup measuring cup, ladle batter into a hot skillet greased with coconut oil or ghee. Keep the pancakes on the smaller side to make it easier to flip. Once they are done drizzle with a little raw honey and serve.

Once you have the basics you can add other things. Like a spoonful of almond butter, pecans, cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, dark chocolate chips… Endless possibilities.

Enjoy and Eat Real



Holy Molars!

Last Friday I found a BIG surprise in my little ladies mouth. As we were goofing around and she was laughing I got a rare chance to really check out my kids chompers. I said aloud “got any new teeth” not expecting to see anything new and wouldn’t you know, 4 molars making their way thru her gums.

Then it all clicked. Waking up cranky several times a night and wanting to nurse. Digging her finger in her ear. Waking up covered in drool, drool puddles on her sheet. I felt so horrible because I didn’t even put these things together and think she could be getting more teeth let alone molars! She just had two bottom teeth come thru just before the Holidays. It hasn’t even been a month. I wasn’t ready/expecting more teeth!

I soon got over my mommy guilt and thought of all the new foods I can give her. Different meats, no longer need to peel fruits, raw veggies… This just opens a huge door once those puppies are all the way thru.

Helpful Tip: For those Mommies who are nursing their babies, your baby may want to nurse more when they cut new teeth as the type of sucking they have to do to express the milk helps with the pain. Lucy was coming up to me, sitting in my lap and pulling my shirt down trying to nurse. Again I didn’t even think about teeth I just thought she was telling me she was ready for a nap.

As Lucy tries new food I’ll be sure to keep you all posted. In the mean time:

Eat Real


When they protest…

It’s day four of our 30 day paleo challenge and I’m feeling the detox. For the last month or so I’ve had constant cookies and Hershey Kisses. I had a slight headache yesterday. It wasn’t to bad, just annoying, and the cravings are brutal. I want a Hershey Kiss more than I want a real kiss!
This is the hard part. Getting off the crap and teaching my body to run on the good stuff. A few more days and I should be over the hump.

Lets get this blog back on track too!!! Lucy is truly awesome. She eats EVERYTHING (paleo)! We did have our first food issue when she was getting over the flu. She didn’t want veggies or meat! She wanted fruit and sweet potatoes. Instead of making meal time a knock down drag out fight, I offered her the meat and veggies we were eating along with some fruit and sweet potatoes. She would eat some of the meat and veggies but focused in the sweeter stuff. Eventually she got back on track and is back to eating anything I offer her. She had a bite of my paleo spaghetti at lunch and I ended up having to split it with her.

I tweaked my meatball and spaghetti recipe and am working on some new ones so stay tuned. They will be posted soon!

Eat real


Stop talking about it! Do it already!

I’m learning that with a small child at home most of what I want to get done never gets done in the time that I want to do it in. So, my Scorpio daughter is teaching this Cancer girl how to go with the flow and not stress about things I cannot control. While I would have liked to have had at least two post between this one and the last, it just didn’t happen.

Lucy got the flu on Christmas Eve. No Christmas pictures to share, she was happy but tired and hungry and couldn’t understand why she was throwing up. So sad! That week of Christmas and New Years was a tough one followed by this last week of sleep regression. We have been slowly working her back into sleeping through the night.

As a family we have started the year off with “getting back on track”. Lucy with her sleep and Ryan and I with our nutrition. We both went off the rails this holiday season. Cookies, candies, stuffings, eggnog…and did I mention cookies and candies?

Nothing like a 30 day paleo challenge to kick you back into gear. Our CrossFit community is starting a challenge next Monday. Ryan and I started yesterday so we can celebrate his 40th bday with a drink. I realized last night that we had not planned very well. I had no go to snacks, grab and go protein, or paleo staples in the house. Rule #1 = Plan Ahead. If you don’t have what you need on hand you are setting yourself up to fail. So off to the grocery store we went today. “The Mayor”, or AKA Lucy was on hand entertaining other shoppers. Smiling, waving, and saying hi to everyone.

We purchased some staples and some meat that was on sale along with a few ingredients for some dishes I would like to try. Our grocery budget is very tight so you will see that we don’t always buy grass fed free range meats. Lucy almost always gets the good stuff but for Ryan and I, it’s the regular stuff but we treat ourselves when we can afford too. Our budget is $150 a week. With Ryan in full training mode and me back in the gym we eat ALOT! So you see, a tight budget, but it can be done. Below is a picture of today’s haul. We were $8.00 over because someone saw that vitacoco was on sale.

The main reason for todays post is I see a lot of people talking about getting back in the gym, going on a diet, that this is going to be the year that they lose (fill in the blank) pounds. OK! Then let it be the year! Stop talking about it, stop making excuses, stop being so easily defeated. When people go on diets they say “I am not allowed to eat that” or they try a diet plan that they know they cant stick too (liquid diets). A small change in vocabulary can increase your success rate. DON’T go on a diet. Instead, change your nutrition. Instead of punishing yourself and not allowing yourself to eat certain things tell yourself and others that ask “I chose to no longer eat that”, or “I’m not going to eat that today”. The second you start punishing yourself (I’m not allowed to…) is the very second you give yourself permission to fail.

I may have a few less friends come the end of the year because I’m not falling for the talk anymore. I’m tired of hearing from my friends and family about how crappy they feel or how sick they feel all the time. I’m tired of hearing the talk and frankly aren’t you tired of saying it? Anyone can find excuses as to why they can’t do something. Top 3 that I have seen/heard:
1. It’s to expensive to eat healthy
2. I don have the time
3. I can’t live without ‘xyz’

Well I have solutions to all 3 of those excuses- just ask, I’ll help you figure out how not to let those things get in your way.

When you start focusing on the reasons why you SHOULD make changes, such as:
1. Less trips to the Dr.’s office/taking less medication – better immune systems
2. More time interacting with family as you shop, prep, cook, and eat your meals
3. Better sleep
4. Setting a good example for your children (the eating habits they learn from you will be theirs to carry into adulthood. If you aren’t happy with how you look and feel as an adult, why would you want your children to feel that way)
Change starts to happen!!!!
Now that’s four reasons right off the top of my head. If you focus on positive actions, positive things start to happen.

Stop talking about it. Realize and accept that it’s not going to be easy (its not easy for me and I have never claimed it to be easy), nobody likes change, change is hard, but change is possible if you WANT to change.

That’s my two cents to start the year. I truly wish you all a healthy successful year! Big things are coming in the Speed household. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it.

Eat Real