Santa and Bacon

Lucy had a big day yesterday. We went and saw Santa and attended a holiday party with our Crossfit family. Lucy was up way past her bed time and only had one true nap durning the day and she did really well all day long.

When we got to the mall there was already a line for Santa. No big deal, lines are normal this time of year. The Santa was great. He looked authentic and had a kind way about him. I wish he had “ho, ho, ho’ed” at least once. Lucy would have gotten a kick out of that since we have been working on “what does Santa say”. None the less, Ryan took a really good picture.


After Santa we had some time to relax before a holiday party and we all took a long nap. I wish my little peanut would snuggle with me, all I have wanted to do since Friday is hold and kiss her, but I am sure our nap wouldn’t have been as restful if that were the case.

The holiday party we were attending was for our CFD (Crossfit Distinction) family and we were asked to bring a paleo dish. I figured the meat and veggies would be covered so I thought about a paleo dessert. I know “barks” are big this time of year so I thought, can I make a paleo bark? BUT OF COURSE. Chocolate and BACON go so well together! So needless to say – bacon bark has become a new treat in our household during the holidays. Check out the recipe page for a link to the recipe. Or click the link below the picture. ENJOY.

Eat Real