Birthdays, Check Up’s, Giving Thanks, and New Teeth

Instead of taking a nap this afternoon I decided to do a little catch up. I appreciate you all checking back for updates and new info – It’s been crazy. Lucy has gone from only waking once at night to nurse to waking every 2-3 hours. I blame the new teeth she is cutting but the up and down has taken it’s toll on Daddy and Mommy. I don’t think we were this tired even in the very beginning. Chasing after her while she is awake, catching up on our “stuff” when she naps and then up most of the night trying to comfort a sad baby makes for dark circles under the eyes and short fuses with each other. I know this phase will pass and we will get back on track but for now, thank you for baring with me and patiently waiting.

The last time I posted we were getting ready to celebrate Lucy’s 1st birthday. I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Lucy’s cupcake had pink and white sprinkles on it as well.

She truly enjoyed eating all that sugar, the frosting made her gag a bit – to thick – but she loved it. However, that was one of the worst nights we had with her. I don’t know if she had a belly ache (probably) or she was so tired from the sugar crash – but she had one rough night.

The next day was her 12 month check up. This was the second visit with this Dr’s office (first  was her 9 month check up) and we were seeing the main Doc in the office. They took her height and weight and head circumference as usual. According to their records Lucy’s head stayed the same size. All they said was that one of those numbers must be off. OOOKKKKaayy… She is on the lower end for her weight (40th%) and upper end for height (90th%). The doc wasn’t concerned about this, nor are we… we know paleo babies tend to be leaner than non-paleo babies. What concerned Ryan and I was the lack of data gathering this doc did. This is the 1st time she has seen this baby, she knows very little, other than all the statistics that have been collected on her. I took it upon myself to fill her in on Lucy’s medical history (not much to tell there), diet, temperament, and milestones that have been reached. As I went down the list of things to tell the doc she sat and nodded her head in agreement and understanding. When I mentioned her diet of meat, veggies, and some fruit she looked puzzled. I let her know that Lucy has never had formula, cereal, or processed foods. She looked at Ryan and I and asked “well where does she get her carbs from?”… I just put my hand up to Ryan, to tell him that I will take this one ( I could see he was unimpressed with the doc). I told her that veggies and fruit are carbs and that is where she gets them. We could tell that she was not in agreement with this and now she brought Lucy’s weight up as if it may become an issue. I was amazed at how quickly she changed her stance on Lucy’s stats. She didn’t even take into account how early Lucy started walking, how well she mimics everything you do, how alert and playful she is. She is doing all of the things listed on the paper work they gave us on what to expect when she reaches 13-15 months old- she is way a head of most babies at her age. The doc didn’t even take those things into consideration. SO, we are shopping for a new pediatrician. I’m not looking for a doc that will agree with everything I do with my daughter, I just want one who is willing to accept what I do with my daughter and help me understand their side of things – we had a doc like this in TN and we miss him greatly. When we asked about the chicken pox vaccine and mentioned that we were unsure about it she gave us a print out of different websites (supported by the hospital) to help “inform” us. I don’t call that informing, I call that politics. Only getting one side. We aren’t against vaccines, she has received all that she should at this age, except the chicken pox because we are still researching it. I wish there were more paleo docs in our area.

After all that – we celebrated Lucy and her Grandma’s birthday with friends and family. I will have pics of the party soon. But for now – here is a picture of the birthday girl in her birthday dress.

We then celebrated Thanksgiving. It was such a busy day that we didn’t even get a picture of Lucy eating her 1st Thanksgiving dinner. She enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to play with the older kids so badly. She would follow them from room to room and just watch them interact. She’s meant to be a big sister 😉

To add another strike against the doctors office  – 10 days after Lucy got her 12 month shots she broke out in a head to toe rash. It started on her head and over the course of  2 days it traveled to her toes. She didn’t get a fever, that I know of (possibly in the middle of the night and so minor I couldn’t tell), eating well, and temperament was normal. This occurred on a Saturday so on Monday, the third day, I called to inform the doc of this rash. I spoke with a nurse and “per her protocol book” it must have been viral since it doesn’t meet any of the symptoms for the MMR vaccine, they were close but had variations. HOWEVER, the timing of the rash is consistent with the MMR vaccine and how it spread is very consistent with Rubella. She could have very well had a reaction to that portion of the MMR shot. I asked the nurse to inform the doc, she said she would – The doc never called to speak with me about it. They didn’t even ask me to bring her in so they could check her out. That interaction made my decision to search for a new doc that much easier.

Now that you are caught up to present day, we have been getting ready for the Christmas holiday. We put up our tree and decorated it with Lucy’s older brother and sister.  It also snowed here a few days ago…

My holiday tradition has been to make a crap ton of sugary, yummy, gluten filled cookies and treats. I would start baking the day after Thanksgiving. I have to say, this year, I am not going to do that. I know my family looks forward to these treats every year. I will still make SOME, but I am making some new treats this year. Paleo holiday treats. I cannot go into detail yet because some of these treats are a surprise to some of my followers. I will post recipes and pics as soon as I can – promise. I would love to hear what you all do for the holidays. What traditions do you have? What paleo foods do you make to combat all the sweets and treats that are on display 24/7 this time of year? Please take a moment and post a comment – I would love to hear from you…

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Sweets and Treats

It is hard to believe that Lucy’s 1st birthday is in 2 days! I have been busy planning a birthday party for her and my Mom. She turns 60 a week after Lucy’s birthday so naturally the only way I could get her to show up to a party for herself was to include her granddaughter.

With the planning of the party I have sat and thought about her birthday cake. Do I make a paleo cake or do I make a traditional birthday cake for her. I came to the conclusion that I would make her a traditional cupcake and make that our tradition on birthdays. Sweets will not be an everyday/weekly/just because treat in our house. We will have treats on true special occasions. Here is how I came to this conclusion:

1. Our extended family does not follow a paleo life style. I do not expect them to want to eat a paleo cake or offer a paleo option at their party just for my family.

2. She will be exposed to such treats as she gets older at birthday parties for her friends. Again, I do not expect others to provide paleo options and what kid would turn down cake and ice cream?

3. She will grow up with the understanding that these types of sweets are meant for true special occasions.

I know this may not be popular with the die hard paleo community. Keep in mind that I am just one person and this is one opinion on how to deal with sweets and treats with kids. Which brings me to my next topic, Halloween!?

We did not take Lucy trick or treating this year for a few reasons. Ryan was working and Lucy is in bed before the festivities even start. She’s also jut turning 1 and doesn’t get it – it would be more for us as parents then for her. We do plan to take her next year though. Halloween is an exciting time for small children and I would not want to withhold that from Lucy. Here is how we plan to deal with all the sweets and treats on Halloween.

1. After trick or treating Lucy can pick out several pieces of candy (obviously when she gets older) from her haul to keep – the rest we will donate to her Uncle. He is a high school teacher and can always use the candy in his classroom.

There is no need for a child to hold onto and consume the amount of candy they collect while trick or treating. Since we will be starting her out this way it will just become the normal thing to do as she gets older. One other consideration for the abundance of Halloween candy is to keep some of the non-halloween decorated candy and set it aside for Christmas. That candy can then be put in their stockings and you have saved yourself a bit of money.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. I will be sure to post pictures of the birthday girl and let you all know how her first bite of cupcake goes. For those who are wondering. It will be a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.

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