If At First…They Don’t Like It…

Try, Try, Again.

Lucy’s first food was mashed up avocado at 5 months old. She had a few spoonfuls and then started to gag. Probably a combination of the thick texture and the taste. She had it a few times after that and each time she ate less and less. When she started on solids we gave her a small bite sized cube to try in hopes that she would like it better that way instead of mashed up. I wish I would have captured that face in a photo. She didn’t like it.

So we took a break. We used other fats such as bacon grease, olive oil, and coconut oil. We made her veggies and meats in these fats (in small amounts). These fats combined with the fat that is naturally in animal meat is just what her growing brain needs. As adults your body needs fat to burn fat. Your brain is fatty tissue and needs fat to stay healthy, your child’s growing brain needs fat!!!

It has been several months since we tried avocado and she’s been waking up hungry in the middle of the night. Fat is satiating and avocado is a very healthy fat so I really wanted to try it again. We bought a ripe avocado, you know this by giving it a light squeeze. If it gives a bit it’s good to go, too much and is squishy means it’s over ripe, rock hard and it’s no where near ready and will have a very distinct taste vs. the mild creamy flavor of a perfectly ripe avocado. We cut the avocado into bite sized pieces and alternated pieces of meat, veggie and avocado. She scarfed it all down. She loves it now. She has had it with almost every dinner. We try not to over do it with one thing so she doesn’t get sick of it. I have some ribs cooking away as I type this. She’s going to have a yummy breakfast of pork and watermelon.

My point is, if you have tried to feed your child something and they don’t like it, try cooking it several different ways before you give up. If they still wont eat it give it some time and revisit the item in a month or so. Kids taste buds are always changing. What used to be their favorite food today may not be tomorrow. What they dislike now may change later and you/they will never know unless you keep trying.  I think you and your kids may be surprised.

Eat Real – Jen


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