This will save you minutes on dinner prep!

Who has time to steam veggies? Steaming veggies requires the right equipment and takes at least 10-15 minutes, correct? FALSE. Here is a quick and easy way to get steamed veggies without waiting for the water to boil.

What you need:

* Microwave

* Microwave safe dish

* Two wet and rung out paper towels

* Desired veggies (for this example I will use broccoli)

Place one of the wet paper towels in the bottom of the microwave safe dish – there should be enough paper towel to hang over the edge, if you need more than one sheet to accomplish this, use more. Cut the broccoli florets from the stalk and place in the dish. Place the other paper towel over the broccoli and fold the extra paper towel from the bottom over the top to create a nice cover. Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes (depending on how much you are cooking and how crunchy you like it).

This is how I prepare broccoli for Lucy and it comes out soft enough for her to eat and she loves it! I promise your veggies will come out perfect each time and it only takes a few minutes. No excuses, now you can have fresh steamed veggies at every meal!

MILESTONE UPDATE – Lucy is walking. Well getting the hang of it anyway. She’s 10 months old as of yesterday and she takes between 5-7 steps in a row before her head gets to far in front of her. She walks laps around her room and the living room furniture. When we are at the gym she wants to show off her new skills but finds it difficult to walk on the thick mats because of the tread. I think it’s good practice for her to learn to pick up her feet.

Notice Lucy could care less – I think she was trying to flirt with one of the boys…

Today was a strength day and my husband got a good picture of me finding my one rep max for the back squat. I was going for 115# but failed. I am happy with 110#. I am just now getting back into CrossFit on a regular basis and am pleased/surprised with how quickly my strength is coming back! My back squat form still needs a bit of work but my overhead and front squat have never looked so good! It’s almost like having a baby made more flexible in my squat. Thanks Lucy!

As always – Eat Real – Jen


One thought on “This will save you minutes on dinner prep!

  1. Primal Smoke says:

    I do the same thing when I am in a hurry, I buy 5lb bags of frozen broccoli at costco and throw it in the microwave if it has been a long day.

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