Parties, Parties, and More Parties

Bath time is always a good time.

Lucy is finally asleep after a hefty dinner of burger meat, fruit salad, and a handful of gluten free banana puffs. I have had this post floating in my head since yesterday so now is the perfect time to share.

I don’t associate Labor Day with the end of summer. I see it as the kick off to party season. After Labor Day we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, followed by the December holidays, and New Years. Throw in the fall clam bakes and the fall/winter weddings and I feel like I am just eating my way through the end of the year.

My sister talked to me about a concern she had about attending gatherings where there are few paleo options to eat other than the meat. She didn’t want to offend the host/hostess by not eating what is offered in an attempt to “stay on the wagon”. Combine this conversation with our families fish fry this weekend and it got me thinking… What do you do when you know you will be tempted with chips, baked goods, slathers, slaws, casseroles and the likes?

Bring a paleo dish to share! You may not have been asked to bring anything but I was taught that you NEVER show up to a party empty handed. Flowers for the lady of the house, a bottle of wine, a dish, a dessert…something to add to the party.

For our families fish fry I made cookie bars, coleslaw, cheesy potatoes, and kale chips. The first three things are hardly paleo but most of the guests don’t follow this paleo life style, and to be honest, for the day I didn’t either. Well if we are being honest I fell off the wagon face first into a bag of Doritos and a plate of cookies, however my Monday morning WOD proved to be punishment for my lapse in judgement. Thanks to “Blake”, I’m am paying for it today with very sore muscles. Anyway – my point, I  made kale chips. A paleo snack that was set out amongst the chips. I heard someone ask “Who made the leaves?” I mentioned that they were kale chips and asked what they thought of them. All the people that were willing to give them a try really liked them. They were shocked at how tasty they were and wanted to know how to make them. I was really happy to share this little treat with them and proud of the people who were willing to give them a try.

Going to parties is hard for me when I am trying to keep away from the processed foods and I can imagine that it’s even harder for our kids who will want to know why the other kids get to eat ‘that’ food. We CANNOT expect our hosts to provide meal/snack options for us, that’s just rude. We can however, strap on our big girl/boy pants and show some self-control along with being courteous and bring a dish to share. Here are some ideas:

*Kale chips

* Hummus with fresh cut veggies

* Fruit salad

* Bacon dipped in dark chocolate (what a great little treat/dessert option)

* Sweet potato apple compote (can be a side dish or yummy dessert option in place of pie)

Try these options at your next party or bring one of these to a party you have been invited to. I bet they will help distract you from all the other food that is offered and will most definitely offer an opportunity for conversation around the paleo life-style.

Now that I feel like complete crap from my junk food binge these last two days, I am going to down a crap ton of water, do some stretches, foam rolling, and get ready for tomorrows WOD.

Eat Real – Jen

Clean Plate Club!!!


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