Ryan and I are CrossFitters and train out of CrossFit Distinction and Yes, Lucy comes with us. I try to go at least 3 days a week and Ryan is a coach there so she’s exposed to fitness on a regular basis.
Lucy loves to be out and about and truly takes it all in. She sits and studies everyone, watching what they are doing.
We are told all the time what a good baby she is. The community of athletes are so supportive and they all love seeing Lucy.
So why do we bring her along? What we put in our mouths is SO very important but staying active is important too. I hope by exposing Lucy to fitness at this young age that it will become this natural part of her life.
No matter what she decides to do, run, swim, bike, dance, CrossFit, etc… we will support her. We just want her to stay active throughout her life.
I encourage you all to expose your kids to physical activities and do them together. Take walks, go for hikes, get in the pool with them… A family that trains together stays together ; )

On a side note – I’m going to take a few days off to allow you to catch up, contemplate and do some research. With Lucy getting more and more mobile each day you’ll see that my post may not be everyday. I encourage you to follow via email so you don’t miss an update.

Things to come
• nutrition and nursing
• recipes
• safely involve kids in the kitchen

Eat Real – Jen


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