Mommy Guilt


Today I took a few hours for myself while Lucy hung out with her Daddy. I went and got my hair done, which took about 4 hours from the time I walked out the door to when I got home. This appointment couldn’t have been better planned. Lucy caught a cold and had a rough night last night. I was tired and needed some ‘me’ time.

When I left Lucy had just finished her breakfast so I knew she would be going down for a nap shortly after I left. Turns out Lucy had a hard time with me not being there. She put up a big fight and would not nap for her Daddy. Ryan said she would look around for me through tears and sobs and was really sad. So he played with her and walked her through the yard to keep her occupied until I got home.
She had a big smile for me when I came home and was fascinated by my hair (it was blown dry straight when I normally wear it curly) but mostly she wanted to nurse and sleep.

Let me just say Ryan was great, he didn’t let on that she was having such a hard time with the separation so I could enjoy my time at the salon. He told me after I got home. After I laid her down for her nap I immediately felt guilty for being gone for so long today.

I hated to think of her crying and looking for me, wanting the comfort of nursing before her nap. I don’t want to feel guilty for taking care of myself. Lucy was in perfectly capable hands. Yes she was sad and I realized that I have to be ok with her being sad from time to time (she’s going to get in trouble and will be punished when she gets older). So today was a lesson for both Mommy and Baby.

Mommy’s take time for yourself! Your babies will be ok and will hopefully learn how to cope with change by changing up their day from time to time.

Eat Real – Jen


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