I Don’t Think That’s Paleo


I’m pretty confident that paint chips aren’t paleo! Lucy likes to chew on her crib. Even though they say the paint is non-toxic I’m still concerned with the amount she consumes. So I’m hunting down a plastic cover.

Did you know coconut milk is paleo? It is one of my go to condiments in the fridge. When Lucy was having issues keeping breast milk down in the earlier months I removed cows milk and eggs from my diet (this solved the issue and is another topic for another post). For several weeks I thought my chai tea latte was going to become a distant memory. But thanks to my sister-in-law, she suggested that I try to make it with the coconut milk. Success!!! I had my morning tea back, Lucy was keeping her meals down, and all was right in the world.
Coconut milk is also a healthy fat source. I use it when I feed Lucy egg yolks (not a whole egg, only the yolks as most babies can have allergic reactions to egg whites). I simply scramble several egg yolks with just a dash of coconut milk and cook them in some olive oil or a touch of good bacon fat. She gobbles them right up. I also use the coconut milk in the grown up eggs as well.

Egg yolks are a great first food since they can be gummed into mush that can be swallowed, are a good fat source which your growing baby needs.

Just another quick and simple example of how easy it is to eat paleo.

Eat Real – Jen


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