Tell Me About Your Meat…

Sunday has become our day for the farmers market. We live out in “farming country” so there are a ton of road side stands and markets. We have been to a few in the area but we enjoy going to the one in Chagrin Falls. It’s small, all farmers (no one hocking their yard sale crap like some city markets allow) and they all know where their stuff comes from – THEIR FARM! I mention this because there is a market out this way that sells items on their property and you assume all the items are from their land – my Mom asked them where their apples came from because their farm does not have an orchard and they said the apples come from PA! So I don’t go there anymore, I wonder what else they have shipped in?

If your kids are reluctant to make the switch to veggies and meat going to the farmers market is a great  way to get your kids involved in the food prep. They can help pick it out and talk to the farmers. They may be willing to try new things if they got to pick it out. It’s worth a try right.

Ryan and I enjoy our stroll through the market with Lucy. It’s crowded most mornings and some people are rude but I like talking to the hard working people who raised, grew, and harvested the food I am going to eat. I like creating relationships with these people and would much rather pay a “friend” for healthy clean food. I typical start my conversations by saying “Tell me about your meat”, or “Tell me about your garden”. Granted I don’t buy all my food from the market, I wish I could. But today was a good haul.

We keep $40 of the weekly grocery budget for the farmers market. Here is what $35 got me today (I didn’t spend it all):

* One bunch of Portuguese Kale – I have never had it, hope it makes good Kale chips. If not I will wilt the rest down in some cider vinegar and feed it to Ryan.

* A quart of grape tomatoes – I have bought a quart of these each week. I go to the same kid.  I have found that store bought grape tomatoes have no taste but these are delicious, sweet, firm and yummy.

* A quart of peaches – I bought them from the same stand as the tomatoes. I have had their peaches before and so has Lucy, she loves them.

* 3 pounds of grassfed ground beef – The farm I got this from is right around the corner from our house. Their pickles are to die for so I thought I would try their ground beef. I am making Taco Soup tomorrow. (Not 100% paleo but I’m working on it)

* 1 pound of pastured nitrate free bacon – I got this from the same place we got the beef. Their price per pound was cheaper than the other guy who sells bacon at the market. It also wasn’t precut. I can cut it as thick or thin as I like.

* 1 watermelon – The melon was so good. I cut it up as soon as we got home so Lucy could have some for lunch. She was covered in juice and she loved it!

ALL THAT FOR JUST $35 and quality time with my family!

After we shop we walk down to the coffee shop and get a coffee for Ryan and a tea for me. It’s a nice way to start the morning and the week. I build our menu for the week off what we get at the market and then buy whatever else is needed at the big chain super market.

If you aren’t sure if your area has a market, or you don’t like the one in your area,  ask around. My parents have lived in this area for 10 years and never knew that The Falls had a market on Sunday mornings. By asking some members at the Crossfit gym we go to we learned about several markets in the area and which farmers to seek out. All you have to do is ask…..

Eat Real – Jen


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