Not Interested

Let me start today’s post with an update. Lucy LOVED the pork rib bone. It was so fun to watch her explore and nibble and chew and tear the remaining meat off the bone. (See the picture below) She had a good time and the dogs were really hoping she would drop it. She didn’t!

With that said I thought I would make tonight’s blog about, what do you do if your child won’t eat a meal. Meaning, what do you do if they protest their dinner, or breakfast, or lunch or a portion of it? It’s especially frustrating if it’s a meal/food they have had before so you know it’s not a matter of new food. Tonight I had that very thing happen.

I prepped burgers for Lucy last night and she had some for breakfast and lunch. Now I know plain ground meat is dry and not fun but Lucy never seemed to mind. So when she just looked at the bites on her tray and cried I was at a loss. I put a few bites of banana down hoping she would start with that and then go for the meat. Nope! She wanted nothing to do with it. She may have eaten a few pieces but nothing worthy of a serving. I tried to give her another rib bone I had saved. She played with that for a little bit but soon tired of it. I heated up some of her veggies, carrots, I know she loves those. She had a few bites and became cranky again. All she wanted was the banana. She ate a whole banana!!

I worried that she didn’t have enough to eat but trusted my Mommy gut that she had it under control. If she were hungry she would have continued the complaining.

So what do you do when they balk at a portion of the meal? Don’t sweat it! So she ate a banana and some veggies with a few bites of meat for dinner. She didn’t go to bed hungry. I am thinking she had a belly ache and that’s why she didn’t eat much. Bedtime was a little rough tonight but with some patience, a few stories, snuggles, nursing, and eventually (after an hour of trying everything else and in and out of the room) some Motrin, she fell asleep.

I wanted tonight’s blog to be about a summer activity we put Lucy in, but given the rough night it will have to wait until tomorrow.

So until then –
Eat Real

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