Prep ahead

The sun is setting on another day and Lucy is all tucked into bed. This is when I have the biggest chunk of uninterrupted time each day and can get the most done. Tonight I will be prepping Lucy’s food for the next few days.

Here is my first tip: Prep the food ahead of time.

Feeding your baby real food (the stuff you buy in the jars can be a close second, some of it, but it’s full of preservatives and other things – that’s another post for another day) doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.

I simply take some of the veggies I plan to serve my husband durning the week and I cook those ahead of time for Lucy. That way I can season the adult portions to our likes and can keep Lucy’s pretty basic. Then I prepare her protein in 2-3 day quantities. I rotate between chicken and beef. Since she has had chicken for the last few days I’ll be cooking beef today.

While I wish I could afford grass fed beef all the time, I simply can’t. So I buy the no antibiotic, no hormones added beef patties at my local grocery store. When I can afford the grass fed she most certainly gets that.

I cook 3-4 patties as she will eat a half per meal. Lucy will eat the same protein for all three meals until its gone. I alternate the veggies with a fruit each meal. If she had veggies for breakfast she will have fruit at lunch. She loves cantaloupe! I have found this fruit to be beneficial if she has not pooped for the day yet.

So with your veggies and protein already prepared and in the fridge, all you have to do is portion it out. Better yet, portion the food out as you put it away in small resealable bowls. This saves yet more time.

I’m excited to report that Lucy will try a bit of pork tomorrow. We had ribs this evening and I saved her a few of my bones to chew on tomorrow. I’m sure she will have fun and I just love watching her explore new food. Ill be sure to take a picture.

Eat Real – Jen

Lucy’s rib bones for tomorrow. Just a little bit of meat on there for. She has been trying to chew the hard wood furniture lately so I thought these would be perfect for her to nibble on. I think we are getting more teeth.



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