Who am I

Hi Everyone! My name is Jen.  I am a 34 year old stay at home Mom and with a little nudge from a good friend and my husband this blog is now up and running. My goal is to share my day to day experiences, failures, successes, and tricks with other Moms out there who strive for a paleo lifestyle.

I plan to post a little something each day about what we ate, any milestones achieved, along with any lessons learned. I will also try to include pictures of the yummy food we eat. As you know, life with a little one gets hectic at times so if I miss a day, I promise to make it up to you!

Meet Lucy. Lucy was born this past November. She is happy, healthy, and almost 100% paleo. Below you will learn of the one little treat I allow her to eat that is not considered paleo. But this treat is being phased out since she now has 6 teeth and can eat REAL food.


Tonight, the adults dined on pulled pork which was cooked in a crock pot with a homemade spice rub (a little BBQ sauce on the side. Sugar, grrr) along with what I call a B.A.T. salad. Bacon bits (home made), Arugala and Tomatoes topped with a home made lemon vinaigrette. We also had baby eggplant sautéed in olive oil with a little salt and pepper. It was a filling meal yet it felt light and refreshing.

Lucy, my paleo baby, had a chicken and apple patty. We found these at the local farmers market. No fillers, no gluten, no breading, just pastured chicken, apples, and apple juice. There were a few other spices used such as ginger and nutmeg but the bottom line was I could pronounce all the ingredients. She also had some carrots and baby eggplant that were sautéed in coconut oil. She was a member of the clean plate club tonight.

Her dessert was her guilty pleasure… sweet potato puffs made by Happy Baby. They are gluten free but contain brown rice flour. I allow her this one little non-paleo treat. When she was learning to chew I was looking for something that would melt in her mouth and help her learn. I order them off Amazon since my local grocery store does not carry them and Whole Foods sells out of them and can barely keep them on the shelves.

I do have to confess that I did have some chocolate chip cookies today. My mother came home from the grocery store with a little box of mini cookies. I had just started my monthly cycle today and I was weak. Poor excuse, I know. But I plan on being open and honest. This will hold me accountable and will help me stay on track. This very example is why raising a paleo baby is so important to me. I do not want Lucy to be addicted to sugars and gluten like I am.

Tomorrow is another day though! Until then.

Eat Real – Jen



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